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Streck ARM-D® Kits


Comprehensive multiplex real-time PCR kits

The Streck ARM-D® Kits are multiplex real-time PCR reagents for the detection of the most prevalent types of β-lactamase-based antibiotic resistance. These kits detect over 450 β-lactamase gene variants including the top 5 CREs on the CDC’s urgent threat list, as well as emerging ESBL and plasmid-mediated ampC threats.

Identifies the most targets in a single run with validated multiplex reactions

  • Save up to 2 days to identify resistance with results available in < 1 hour
  • Ensure reliable test results with validated positive internal controls for each target
  • Easily incorporate into current workflow by using existing 4-channel real-time systems
  • Step-by-step data acquisition and analysis guides available for:

*Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast

*Applied Biosystems QuantStudio® 7Flex System

*Bio-Rad® CFX96 Touch™

*QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q 5plex System

*Streck Zulu RT

Streck ARM-D® Kit, β-Lactamase Amplification Plot

22-minute reaction using Streck Zulu RT and PhilisaFAST® DNA Polymerase


PhilisaFAST® DNA Polymerase

The PhilisaFAST DNA Polymerase is a hot-start enzyme formulated for fast PCR. It is well suited for standard or real-time PCR reactions and displays 5’-3’ exonuclease activity, making it compatible with hydrolysis probes. PhilisaFAST displays extension rates as high as 10 kb/ sec, significantly decreasing total reaction times. Two types of buffers are included to allow for optimization with standard, rapid or real-time multiplex assays. Save time without compromising results with PhilisaFAST DNA Polymerase.

Zulu RT™

The Zulu RT is Streck’s realtime PCR System. It is designed to simplify and expedite the workflow of real-time PCR-based applications. The Zulu RT offers unparalleled ramp rates of 15 °C/sec heating and 12 °C/sec cooling. Precise thermal control and accuracy, together with a sensitive optical system, yield quality data – fast: A 40-cycle PCR reaction can be completed in less than 20 minutes. 


Quality System

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QC 2

Commercial Sets offered by Microbiologics contain the manufacturer recommended quality control strains for bacterial identification systems (e.g., Vitek®) and bacterial detection products (e.g., Readycult®). QC Microorganism Sets are available for many instruments including:
  Vitek® and Vitek® 2
  bulletBD BBL™ Crystal™, Phoenix™ and GeneOhm™
 bullet Cepheid® Smart Cycler® and GeneXpert®
 bullet Roche LightCycler®
     And Many More!
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 A Robust and Reliable Antimicrobial Cartridge Disc Dispenser 

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 Available in a 6 place format, with a simple single hand dispenser also available for occasional cartridge users.

  bulletSimple to use operation.

    bulletReliable and robust performance to cope with high throughput workload    

Audible location of cartridges in dispenser   

bulletPositive placement of antibiotic susceptibility discs onto agar surface.    

bulletHeight adjustable to suit variable depths of culture media. 

bulletSeal tight container for protection against moisture.

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